Lira Cellulite Reduction System with Synergie AMS

Want to get rid of cellulite on your hips, thighs, abs and glutes?

How about something that REALLY WORKS!




The Lira Cellulite Solution combined with the Synergie AMS cellulite treatment will tighten your skin and smooth out your lumps and bumps in just 24 minutes!

How does it work? 

treatment headLira’s Cellulite and Firming Treatment System works to reduce the appearance of skin dimpling and cellulite through increased microcirculation an
d lipolysis. The Lira cellulite solution is vigorously massaged into the epidermis and dermis with the Synergie AMS treatment head. The process is warm but painless and the results are significant! Learn more about this FDA approved non-invasive treatment for “a significant reduction in the appearance of cellulite”.

Does it really work? YES! Check out our full page of before and afters or come in for a free consult. We also offer one mini-trial treatment for a reduced rate. Call or email to learn more.



How many treatments does it take to work? Good question! While every woman’s body is unique, many clients feel they see results as quickly as their first treatment! When you meet with your certified Synergie technician technician, they will give you an estimate of exactly how many treatments are recommended for you to achieve your desired result.

How long long does each session take? The treatment is fast and effective. You can be in and out of the Club Synergie Spa in just 30 minutes!Unknown-1

Does it hurt? Though some clients are more sensitive at first, most clients find the treatment relaxing and invigorating. The Synergie AMS will be adjusted to your individual level of tolerance.

Is Lira paraben free? 

YES! All Lira Clincal products are natural skin stimulants, tighteners, brighteners and moisturizers derived from plant stem cells. Together with the Synergie AMS, Lira is a powerful toning and cellulite reducing agent.

Does this treatment tone the skin? YES! Both Lira and Synergie are designed to ramp up collagen production and strengthen elastic. This will make the skin tighter and more toned!!!

How do I know if I am too young or too old? The Synergie AMS treatment has proved to be effective on women ages 18 to 64!

What else can Lira and Synergie do for me? These FDA approved, non-invasive treatments do more than just reduce cellulite. Your circulation is increased, skin is exercised and rejuvenated and your lymphatic system is stimulated for a deep detoxification. Learn more about the many benefits of Synergie and Lira when you come to the Club.