Private Personal Training

Want to tone and tighten, lose weight and keep it off?

30 minutes is ALL YOU NEED!

Club Synergie’s personal training studio is designed with you in mind. It is COMPLETELY PRIVATE, giving you the most focused session possible.  Club Synergie is where you can be totally free of judgement. Plus, our certified trainers teach, inspire and direct your custom workout routine, so you can GET RESULTS in just 30 minutes! 


The most important component of your customized routine, is that it helps you, does not hurt you. We have over 15 years experience in spinal rehabilitation, injury recovery and overall body wellness.


Your time is valuable and we respect that! That’s why we design your program to work in just 30 minutes,  1 to 2X’s a week. Every single exercise is selected with efficiency in mind.


“I need someone to hold me accountable.” If this rings a bell for you, you are not alone! Thanks to our trainers and our MINDBODY training software, you have that accountability at Club Synergie. Every session in the health studio is private and by appointment only.


We always send you a text/email reminder. You’ll know that we will follow up and research shows it’ s consistency over time that gets the best RESULTS!


Imagine combining your workout sessions with your Infrared Sauna session, and/or Body Synergie treatment for a one-stop, fat-burning, body toning & skin tightening package! There’s nothing like ending a hard workout with an invigorating and muscle soothing Sauna or Synergie body treatment. You can even add-on a Synergie facial for some neck/chin/face tightening for total relaxation. There are so many options & they are all about YOU!


Meet Our Trainers

Meet one of trainers!

Trust Jen to make you feel safe and comfortable. She is a great communicator and will listen to your needs and goals and help you reach them. Her fitness history includes dance, weight training and interning with an inventor of neck and back machines at U.F. and exercise physiologist.  She has recovered herself from chronic neck and back pain from a car accident. She has lost 80 lbs & kept it off. Whatever your struggle she understands and is here to make you feel better.  She is a wife, mother of three children and a proud dog mom (as you can see).

Depend on Megan to be energizing and encouraging throughout your workout . She has a background of competitive gymnastics & dance and loves infusing dynamic movement with functional exercises. She was diagnosed at a young age with a rare autoimmune disease and therefore is no stranger to chronic fatigue pain and inflammation. She is knowledgeable on the fact that mobility, diet and a healthy lifestyle is the key to overcoming or easing many chronic illnesses. 







Experience your first one on one training session for only $35! 

2 thoughts on “Private Personal Training”

    1. Hi Patricia! we would be more that happy to customize a workout to help you feel your best! 4 sessions of a private one on one workout for 30 mins would be $148 or 8 sessions for $272. Feel free to give us a call if you have any more questions or would like to schedule your first fitness trial for $25 … our number is 352-214-7333. Thank you!


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