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When was the last time you felt radiant? Our mission is to rejuvenate your skin, tighten and tone your body and help you find your happy place. Call to schedule a FREE consult 352.214.7333 & Check out some of the club member’s results by clicking the MENU button in the top left corner.

Does it really work? YES! Synergie has been tested over the past 20 years in thousands of case studies around the world. You can feel confident knowing that the FDA authorized the manufacturer to claim “reduction in the appearance of cellulite, improvement in the appearance of the skin and loss of at least 6 circumferential inches […]

Club Synergie’s skin treatments not only feel great, they get fast results! The Synergie AMS tightens and tones the skin of the neck, chin and face by increasing circulation, stimulating collagen production and heightening cellular turnover. Clients often see a difference in their skin’s texture and tone immediately following just one session. With the help […]